When our son Owen was born only weighing 1lb 2oz. our family used t-shirts as a rallying cry to bring a community of support and love around him during his many months in the hospital. 

Having a trach or g-tube, or being a family member of someone who does, can be scary and overwhelming at first. When Owen needed both several months later, we figured we could once again use to use art and design to not only bring a community of people together, but to try and normalize this abnormal thing. To create a sense of belonging for those who feel different. To use humor and joy to lightened mood for those living the tubie and trach life. To remind ourselves that we're not alone!

We're a family of people that is proud of who we are and the path we're on, even if it is really hard. Art on shirts isn’t going to change the world but we believe it can be one part of taking this overwhelming and scary situation and make it a little bit better.