Hippopostomy! Our first ostomy design.


Since we started StomaStoma in 2016, we’ve had the unique and amazing privilege of collaborating with Children’s hospitals all around the United States. Working with hospitals has been amazing because the nurses who wear our shirts become a conduit of the StomaStoma heartbeat - making abnormal normal.

A couple of years ago, Amelia, a nurse from Seattle, reached out with a brilliant idea. Create a shirt just for the ostomy community. Since the designs we have created are inspired by our personal journey with our son who has a trach and a g-tube, we didn’t know much about other types of stomas. But the desire to create something for this community was there and Amelia’s idea was awesome! Today we launch her idea, our first ostomy shirt, Hippopostomy.

Do you know someone that this shirt would bring a little joy to? Do you know someone that wants to normalize something that feels abnormal? Then share this post!

And like Amelia, we’d love to hear your ideas for how we can better serve the community you’re connected to!

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