Best Tubie Hacks

We asked, you answered. What are your top Tubie hacks?? Do you have some tips and tricks for the newbie Tubies out there?

  1. Don’t use soap when washing syringes - it wears out the rubber on the pusher. Instead use vinegar!
  2. ​​Not sure if this is a hack… but eat real, whole foods by blending your own formula! Or use one of the natural products from Functional Formularies (@functionalformularies ) or Real Food Blends (@realfoodblends) — you’ll notice the difference.
  3. Use a reusable g-tube cover with a sweet design to keep your stoma site clean - there are a ton of great options out there like @tubiewhoobies or @fashiontubies

“A clogged extension can be easily cleared with a little seltzer water.” @alionsmom 

“Good vibes.” @opendoorspeech_sd

“@squeasygear and the squirrel store miracle syringes are life changing for blended diets!” @t_bryant92

 “Sometimes faster speed is easier on tummy than the slower speed on the pump. Our little one with having huge stomach issues at a slow rate but once we sped it up they went away go figure!” @kissmybass69

“A plastic straw cut placed around the kinky happy part of the tube and then taped gives you reinforcement to stop kinks and let all of you sleep.” @kissmybass69

“Use slip tip syringes for meds.” @theleggfam

“Vibedration backpacks are amazing and stylish compared to the backpacks that come with the supplies for eating on the go. Also port covers are amazing and easier to get compared to an amt clamp.” @exoticspoons

“Miracle syringes all the way.” @brittanykinc

“If your giving set gets stuck to the extension - disconnect from button and put in hot water.” @specklestar

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