3 New Empower Designs

Have you seen our 3 New Empower Designs?


say hi!

Say Hi!

What do you say to someone who looks different? Do you pretend like you don't see them? Do you look and acknowledge them but don't say anything? Do you ask them what happened? These questions led to our latest design “Say Hi!”.  Our hope is this shirt will break down walls, and provide and opportunity to make a connection, that could lead to a conversation — a conversation that could help make the abnormal normal. Just #sayhi!


I'm the strong, silent type.

I'm the strong, silent type.

I mean, need we say anything more. They speak with their strength, the eyes, and probably their whole being...no words necessary. *ahem, maybe they wouldn’t be so silent if it wasn’t for that darn cuff or trach... #strongsilenttype



It is well with my soul


It Is Well With My Soul

Stemming from a hymn written in 1873 reminding us that no matter the circumstance, no matter how dire the situation... we can reach deep down within us and say that “It Is Well with my Soul.” And we can say that because we know that God is with us, for us, and knows what our best good is. Regardless of how things may look or feel, he has intentions that set us up for the very best ending, one that extends past this lifetime. #itiswellwithmysoul

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